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Accuphase A48


Klasse A stereo eindversterker. Ultra stabiel, ook bij lage impedanties


Power MOS-FETs in 6-parallel push-pull configuration
Linear output characteristics over entire load impedance range
Strong power supply with massive toroidal transformer and large 60,000 ?F filtering capacitors
Instrumentation amplifier principle
High-gain signal input section in discrete configuration
Dedicated power supply for signal input section
Polarity switching for balanced input connectors
MCS+ circuit topologys
Current feedback principle in amplification circuitry
Protection circuitry using MOS-FET switches
High damping factor of 800
Speaker output protection circuit guards against short-circuiting
Two sets of large speaker terminals
4-step gain control
Support for bi-amping and bridged mode
Aluminum top plate with hairline finish



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€ 10.999,00

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