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Accuphase C-2300

Beschrijving / Description

For more than half a century, Accuphase has continued its relentless pursuit of creating the ideal volume control circuitry. The C-2300 preamplifier utilizes Balanced AAVA the successor of the AAVA system to control volume without sacrificing vibrancy in the source sound. A newly added 4-band tone control enables fine adjustments to sound tone. Experience the sonic depth from the combined sound quality and superior features the C-2300 provides.

In addition to the low and high frequencies, a new 4-band tone control allows adjusting the mid-low and mid-high frequencies, providing greater flexibility in adjusting the bandwidth balance. Expandability is also enhanced with two slots for the AD-60 Phono equalizer board and the DAC-60 Digital input board, making it compatible with various sound sources. Enjoy your favorite music to your heart's content with C-2300, which has evolved by combining outstanding circuit technology
with new features.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Balanced AAVA volume control
4-band tone control
Quiet and smooth volume sensor construction
Ample inputs: 5 Line and 2 Balanced
Independent power supplies and unit amplifiers for left and right
Phase setting memory for each input
Highly reliable logic-controlled signal switching relays
High-quality headphone amplifier
Additional option boards support digital signals and analog records

Weight of C-2300: 19.0kg

Staat van artikel

€ 10.900,00