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Accuphase DP-450

Beschrijving / Description

The DP-450 is the dedicated CD player which realizes both sophisticated performance and fine sound quality with the full of technologies developed in the DP-570 SACD/CD player.
Vibration control in CD players that read audio data from rotating discs greatly impact the sound quality. By installing newly-developed drive mechanism and refurbishing the chassis framework, the DP-450 significantly improves the anti-vibration and vibration damping performance. The high-performance DAC chip and improved filter circuit fully produce ideal electronic performance and sound quality including the low noise characteristic. Making full use of cutting edge technologies, the DP-450 extracts the true colors of any CD to deliver a listening experience that stays with you.
High-grade CD drive.

The strong integrated chassis structure that supports the CD drive mechanism adopts the 2 pieces structure, from the 7 pieces in the former DP-430. This enhanced chassis rigidity helps to improve the antivibration and vibration damping performance.

For D/A converter section, Accuphase updates the DAC chip to ESS Technology's 32bit Hyper Stream DAC ES9026PRO for DP-450. DP-430 uses Asahi Kasei Micro Electronics AK4490EQ.
ES9026PRO has 8 DACs inside, and DP-450 uses 4 DACs connected in parallel per channel with Accuphase's unique technology, Multiple Delta Sigma + conversion system.
Fully-balanced structure is employed in DP-450. In addition, the independent low pass filter is installed for each audio output(Direct Balanced Filter), thanks to this, the sound signals from all the outputs become high quality.

MDS+ type D/A converter with four parallel circuits.
Direct Balanced Filter with separate line and balanced signal paths.
Programmable playlists that can change track order.
Sampling frequency and quantization bit display.
Transport outputs and digital inputs.
Digital interface with USB input.
Digital connection with an Accuphase voicing equalizer.
Balanced output phase selection.

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Specificaties / Specifications

DP-450 has 3 digital inputs, Coaxial, Optical and USB.
USB Input accepts 384kHz/32bit-PCM or 11.2896MHzDSD.
Coaxial and Optical Transport outputs are also available.
Transport part and DAC part can work separately.
DG-68 can be connected easily between Transport output and Digital input of DP-450.

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