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Accuphase DP-550

Beschrijving / Description

The DP-550 features an exclusive mechanism developed in-house by Accuphase and benefits in many ways from the advanced technology of the flagship models. It is a high-performance integrated SA-CD/CD player that represents the fruits of intensive research and many extended listening sessions.
The digital processor section of the DP-550 features an innovative method called MDS+ (Multiple Delta Sigma+) developed by Accuphase. The D/A converters in the DP-550 are the latest Hyperstream types (ES9008 from ESS Technology Inc.).

High-grade SA-CD/CD drive
MDS+ type D/A converter with four parallel devices
Support for playback of DSD discs in DSF file format
Direct Balanced Filter with separate line and balanced signal paths
HS-LINK and USB digital interface
Transport outputs and digital inputs allow insertion of DG-58 into signal path for sound field correction
Phase selector for balanced outputs
Numeric indication of sampling frequency

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Specificaties / Specifications

Disc format: CD, SACD
Frequency response: 0.7Hz to 50kHz
Dynamic range: 115dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 118dB
Channel separation: 108dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0007%
Line output: 2.5V (balanced)
Digital connections: coaxial, optical, USB
Dimensions: 465 x 151 x 393mm
Weight: 18.5kg
Accessories: RC-110 remote control

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€ 4.750,00