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Accuphase DP-70V

Beschrijving / Description

The DP-70V is equipped with a digital control center function and can demodulate digital signals from multiple DAT and BS tuners via digital input / output jacks.
In order to realize the function as a digital control center, three sampling frequencies are built in, and the source frequency is automatically selected.

A 20-bit discrete D/A converter is used for the D/A converter. The DP-70V consists of a current addition type with an advantage in linearity. It is composed of a discrete method with carefully selected elements in order to realize the performance of the 20-bit theoretical limit value. The DP-70V consists of a current switch element and an ultra-precision resistor. Each unit is strictly adjusted for complete operation. This realizes ideal linearity in the whole output level range from minute level to large level, and eliminates 0 cross distortion and distortion at small output.

The digital filter uses an independent 20-bit 8 x oversampling digital filter on the left and right sides.
The DP-70V filter uses advanced digital calculation techniques to successfully suppress the frequency range between 24.1 and 328.7 kHz to an excellent value of -110dB, while limiting the passband ripple, which causes sound quality degradation, to within +/- 0.00005 dB.

The audio low-pass filter uses a GIC third order Butterworth active filter with carefully selected elements. This output is directly output through a buffer amplifier with a gain of 0 dB.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Error correction method : CIRC
Number of channels : 2 channels
Rotation speed : 500 - 200 rpm (CLV)
Performance speed : constant 1.2 - 1.4m/s
Reading system Non-contact optical reading (using semiconductor laser)
Laser GaAlAs (double hetero diode)
Digital Output Format Level (equivalent to EIA) Formatting : Digital Audio Interface
Optical : Optical power : -21 to -15dBm (EIAJ)
Emission wavelength : 660 nm
Coaxial : 0.5Vp-p/75 O
Digital Processor Division
Formatting EIA standard format
Quantization number 16-bit straight line
Sampling frequency (Timing Accuracy : Level II)
32.0 kHz +/- 0.1%
44.1 kHz +/- 0.1%
48.0 kHz +/- 0.1%
Frequency characteristic 4.0 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.3 dB
D/A converter Discrete 20-bit
Digital filter 20-bit 8 x oversampling
Noise shaper function
Digital de-emphasis function
Deviation +/- 0.001 dB
Total harmonic distortion factor + noise 0.0016%(1kHz)
0.002% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
S/N 119dB
Dynamic range 98dB
Channel separation 109dB
Rated Output / Impedance Balanced : 2.5V/50 O (25 O / 25 O), balanced XLR type
Unbalanced : 2.5V/50 ohm, RCA phono jack
Output level control 0 / -40dB, 1 dB step (digital type)
Digital Input Format Level (equivalent to EIA) Formatting : Digital Audio Interface
Optical : Received power : -15dBm to -27dBm
Coaxial : 0.5Vp-p/75 O
Power consumption 23W
External dimensions Width 475x Height 135x Depth 389 mm
Weight 24.3kg




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