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Accuphase DP-80L DC-81L

Beschrijving / Description


A CD transport designed to prevent interference and unwanted radiation from digital signals and high-frequency noise.

The mechanism is mounted on an aluminum die-cast frame to prevent resonance, and floating from the chassis to cut off vibration transmission, thereby minimizing external vibration to the mechanism body.

The rotating part is supported by a thick metal frame, and the whole is thoroughly strengthened against vibration.
In addition, by adopting a solid frame structure as a whole, sound quality changes due to resonance and sound pressure of speakers are prevented, and stable operation is realized.

It uses a master clock system that controls all operations with one clock.
In the conventional method, two types were used, one for digital signal processing and the other for microprocessor. Therefore, the difference between the two oscillation frequencies causes a beat, which is a cause of sound quality degradation. In the DP-80L, this beat does not occur because it controls everything with one clock.

It is equipped with two optical fiber systems based on the digital audio interface proposed by AccuPhase and established as the EIAJ standard, and a 75 Ohm coaxial output.
The optical fiber has a transmission capacity of 10Mbit/sec, which, together with the attached quartz fiber, enables digital transmission with less transmission distortion and jitter. In optical transmission, the player and processor are electrically isolated from each other to prevent the inflow of unwanted noise components, thereby preventing the deterioration of sound quality.

It is equipped with a full-fledged line filter to prevent the inflow and outflow of digital noise through the power supply.

It has a simple design and the other function keys are stored inside the lower side panel.

Exterior finished with gold-style scratch hairline finish panels and natural Persimmon sideboards.

It comes with a fully functional wireless remote control.


A D/A converter compatible with 3 sampling frequencies released simultaneously with the DP-81L.

The D/A converter uses the world's first 20-bit discrete method for consumer use.
The operating precision is different from the usual way of adding bits above or below 16 bits, and the precision of each bit is 1/2 of the original.20=9.54x10-7As a result, an excellent performance of 0.0005% actual distortion factor (pure distortion component only, 1 kHz) has been realized. In addition, quantization noise, which interferes with high-quality sound reproduction, is greatly reduced.
The conversion method is a current addition type which is superior in linearity. It is a discrete method to realize the performance of the 20-bit theoretical limit value. Therefore, the circuit is composed of current switching elements and ultra-precision resistors. Each unit is strictly adjusted to realize the complete operation, and the strain (0 cross strain) at small output is removed.

The digital filter uses an independent 20-bit 8 x oversampling digital filter on the left and right sides.
The DC-81L filter uses digital calculation techniques to achieve an attenuation of -110dB between 24.1 and 328.7 kHz and a passband ripple within 0.00005%, which can degrade sound quality.

An audio low-pass filter that cuts out unwanted bands uses a highly selected discrete GIC third order Butterworth active filter.

As a measure against high-frequency noise, the digital filter and D/A converter are electrically isolated by an opto-coupler.
Each bit signal output from the digital filter is optically transmitted through an opto-coupler (transmission band 7Mbit/sec) and converted back into an electrical signal, ensuring complete electrical isolation and preventing noise interference through the conductor.
The output of the opto-coupler is fed to a magnetically and electrically isolated analog converter through a mother printed board outside the shield frame.

Three sampling frequencies of 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 32 kHz are available.
Switching is performed by automatically determining the frequency of the input signal. Since each of the three frequencies is equipped with a dedicated oscillator, out-of-band noise is reduced and jitter is prevented.

The input terminals are equipped with a total Route 3 of a Route 3 for optical fiber and a Route 6 for coaxial cable.

A noise shaper is installed to further reduce quantization noise.
The noise shaper reduces noise within the audible band by using a technique that reduces noise by feeding back the rounding error generated by the digital filter to the next data.

Equipped with digital de-emphasis, it is possible to play high-quality CDs with emphasis applied.
The DC-81L achieves a deviation of 0.001 dB and a phase difference of less than 1.5 degrees with respect to the specified characteristics.

The output of the converter is set to a level that does not require amplification, and the S/N and distortion characteristics are improved by only buffering in the audio stage.
The circuit configuration of the audio stage is a discrete configuration push-pull DC servo connection system.

Equipped with digital level control.
The Remote Commander included with the DP-80L allows volume control from a remote location and was sold separately.

Two RCA-type output terminals and one XLR-type balanced output terminal are installed.

The digital and analog circuits are shielded with metal and each power supply is provided with a dedicated transformer to eliminate mutual interference. The left and right circuits are laid out on an independent printed board to prevent interference between channels together with a two winding transformer on the left and right.

Measures against unwanted external radiation are taken, and leakage through the power supply is dealt with by a full-scale line filter.
It is also shielded inside.

The exterior is gold-style scratch hairline finish, and the side is equipped with a natural Persimmon sideboard.

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Specificaties / Specifications


Formatting CD standard format
Error correction method : CIRC
Number of channels : 2 channels
Rotation speed : 500 - 200 rpm (CLV)
Performance speed : 1.2 to 1.4m/s, constant
Reading system Non-contact optical reading (using semiconductor laser)
Laser GaAlAs (double hetero diode)
Digital Output Format / Level
(in accordance with EIA) Formatting : Digital Audio Interface
Optical optical output : -21 to -15dBm (EIAJ)
Emission wavelength : 660 nm
Coaxial : 0.5Vp-p/75 Ohm
Semiconductor used Transistor : 6
IC : 21
Diode : 20 pcs
Pwer AC100V/117V/220V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
External dimensions Width 475x Height 135 (Including Legs) x Depth 373 mm
Weight 15.0kg


Type Digital processor
EIA standard format
Quantize Number :
Sampling frequency : 16-bit straight line
32.0 kHz +/- 0.1%
44.1 kHz +/- 0.1%
48.0 kHz +/- 0.1%
Frequency characteristic 4.0 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.3 dB
D/A converter Discrete 20-bit
Digital filter 20-bit 8 x oversampling
Noise shaper function
Digital de-emphasis function
Deviation +/- 0.001 dB
Total harmonic distortion factor + noise 0.0016%(1,000Hz)
0.002% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
S/N 120dB
Dynamic range 98dB
Channel separation 112dB
Rated Output / Impedance Balanced : 2.5V/50 Ohm (25 Ohm / 25 Ohm), balanced XLR type
Unbalanced : 2.5V/50 ohm, RCA phono jack
Output level control 0 - -40dB, 1 dB step (digital type)
Digital input format level
(in accordance with EIA) Formatting : Digital Audio Interface
Optical : Received power of -15 to -27dBm
Coaxial : 0.5Vp-p/75 Ohm
Semiconductor used Transistor : 89
FET : 5 pcs
IC : 98
Diode : 54 pcs
Power supply voltage AC100V/117V/220V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 35W
External dimensions Width 475x Height 135 (Including Legs) x Depth 373 mm
Weight 15.9kg

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