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Accuphase PS-1250

Beschrijving / Description

The power supply delivers the energy your audio equipment uses for music playback. Accuphase's Clean Power Supply components provide a power source with minimum noise and distortion by utilizing a groundbreaking waveform shaping technology that compares the power supply's waveform to a reference waveform, then supplements insufficiencies and removes any excess misshaping. The results of waveform shaping are then observable in a new waveform display. The PS-1250 delivers impressive improvements in audio quality, making it an essential supplement to fine audio equipment.

PS-1250 has a symmetric internal structure same as Accuphase stereo power amplifiers. A massive power supply section sits at the unit's center, and power amp blocks are on both sides. These two power amp blocks are balanced connections which low output impedance. All the internal output wires are isometric and set at the same length. It helps the electric performance and sound quality of each AC outlet keep the same level.

Power amp blocks consist of 2 circuits of 10-paralleled bi-polar transistors output stages and are fully parallel driving. It leads to the success of high peak output current and low output impedance.
The inputs to each power amp section are balanced connections.

Reference Signal Generator is the circuit that eliminates the noise and distortion components in AC line signals with filters and generates the reference signals for waveform shaping. PS-1250 has evolved this Reference Signal Generator much more precisely. PS-1250's configuration is that two stages of the Bandpass Filters remove undesired out-of-band signals. Then, the three stages of the Band Eliminate Filters also remove the harmonic component. These two features contribute to the low distortion effects on the reference signals.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Input /output waveform display
Output power meter
Input/output voltage meter
Input/output distortion meter
Massive output capacity
0.08% total harmonic distortion waveform shaping
High-grade output voltage correction
Numerous output terminals
High-sensitivity protection circuitry
Large high-efficiency toroidal transformer
Large filtering capacitors

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€ 12.990,00