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Accuphase T-109V

Beschrijving / Description

The FM Stereo Tuner T-109V from Accuphase was conceived for the music lover who accepts no compromises when it comes to sound quality. It is based on the highly renowned model T-109, providing even further refined sonic characteristics and performance.

Externally, the front panel has been redesigned to match the styling of recent Accuphase components. The PLL electronic tuning system pulls in any desired station with pin-point precision and total reliability. A convenient memory function lets you store as many as 32 stations including sensitivity and filter on/off settings, and the pulse tuning principle developed by Accuphase blends digital accuracy with the familiar feeling of operating an analog tuning knob. The front end employs a dual-stage design that can handle even extremely high input signals without cross modulation problems, and the Advanced DGL Detector assures high performance and rock-stable reception. The stereo decoder takes sophisticated circuit topology to new heights, with its reference frequency provided by a ceramic resonator for utmost stability. To avoid diluting the outstanding sonic virtues of this tuner further down the signal path, a balanced output stage sends the audio signal to the next component without any sound quality deterioration. A remote commander is also supplied, and the champagne gold front panel blends perfectly with any listening room.

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