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Accurate Audio DAC V800

Beschrijving / Description

The V800 is a DAC that manages to get every single detail from the source without being emphasized in the higher frequency ranges. The return of voices and of lower frequencies takes place without hesitation. Certainly it's a product that is perfectly in the middle of the sonic equation. Terms such as boring or impersonal, certainly don't apply to this appliance. When trying to make a comparison between different digital inputs we detected an almost similar level in performance between the USB and AES/EBU inputs.

Often when a DAC is referred to be neutral, it ends up being included in the list of those DA converters lacking body or who don't have a well delineated sonic personality. The V800 is certainly not on this list. It does not add or detract anything from the input source, but it simply returns it to the best of its technical capabilities by providing a listening experience that expresses musical content for what it is. We cannot deny that the Violectric V800 needs an adequate running-in time to unleash its full potential. When first listening it may seem a little less accurate and detailed but with the passing of time the performance reaches notable levels.

The V800 has the DIP-switches inside thereby allowing the output volume of balanced and unbalanced lines to be adjusted. The default output is at +15 dBu representing a 4.5 Volt RMS voltage which may exceed the capabilities of many audio devices designed for voltage swings of 1 or 2 Volts RMS. Hence the presence of the internal DIP-switches that allow you to adjust the output volume from a minimum of +6 dBu to a maximum of +24 dBu.

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Specificaties / Specifications

AES/EBU, XLR, transformer balanced according to AES-3, 110 Ohms
S/PDIF, RCA connector, unbalanced, according to IEC 958 / AES-3-id, 75 Ohms
TOSLINK according to EIAJ RC-5720
USB 24-bit / 44.1, 48, 96 kHz

Input sensitivity < 200 mV

Input data format AES, S/PDIF, 24-bit / 192 kHz (USB 96 kHz)

Digital output
S/PDIF, RCA, unbalanced, according to IEC 958 / AES-3-id, 75 Ohms

Sample rate 28-210 kHz (USB 44.1, 48, 96 kHz)

Stopband rejection > 100 dB

Dynamic range > 120 dB

Frequency response
10-20,000 Hz (-0.05 dB)
10-40,000 Hz (-0.20 dB)

THD < -112 dB (@-1 dBFS)
Maximum output level (5 steps selectable)
Balanced: +24 / +18 / +15 / +12 / +6 dB
Unbalanced: +15 / +9 / +6 / +3 / -3 dB

Variable Output adjustable in the digital domain

Analog outputs
2 x XLR, electronically balanced
2 x RCA, unbalanced

Power supply
230 / 115 V AC, 10 VA

170 x 49 x 225 mm (W x H x D)

Case and Back Nextel coated aluminium
Front panel 8 mm aluminium, black anodized, lasered

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