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Acoustat 2-2 MK-121-C

Beschrijving / Description

This pair also has MK-121-C modified interfaces with the "Air Mod" .
In other sonic areas, the Acoustat 2+2s are among the most listenable speaker systems I've heard. Even their low end is better than I am accustomed to hearing from full-range electrostatics, most of which tend to be full but loose at the bottom. The 2+2s still don't have the awesome low-end detail of a large transmission-line system (let alone a very large horn), but their bass is very much in control, it has more detail and impact than most large electrostatics, and it blends seamlessly with the upper ranges (thanks to the lack of a crossover). The high end is typical of electrostatics open, airy, and incredibly quick in response to hard transients and subtle inner details in complex material.

The 2+2s are not, however, the most ultimately accurate speakers around. Although they will play cleanly at very high listening levels (over 100dB), they are a little lacking in "punch" what some audiophiles call "dynamics." Loud, full-orchestral passages sound neither as loud nor as exciting as they do from some other systems. Part of the reason for this and (also) for their apparent ease in listening, is due to a somewhat laid-back quality, resulting from what sounds like a broad suckout in the brightness range (2-5kHz).

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Specificaties / Specifications

Bases are 22" x 17" x 1"
Full-range electrostatic loudspeaker.
Frequency response: 28Hz-20kHz +/-2dB.
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.
Power capability: 500W.
Maximum output: 115dB at 20' in a 16'x24' room.
Minimum power requirement: 50Wpc. AC power consumption: 5W.
Dimensions: 94" H by 20"W by 3.5" D.

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€ 2.490,00 (per set)