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Arcam fmj P777

Beschrijving / Description

Having gained a world class reputation for amplifier design over thirty years, Arcam introduce the P777 multi channel amplifier for home cinema and music reproduction. Using technology honed thorough the development of dozens of award winning amplifiers, the P777 is the company's highest performing multi channel amplifier yet.

Subtle detail is retrieved with startling realism even though the P777 is a true power house amplifier with huge output potential. Over 1.6kW of continuously available power is available to drive loudspeakers with clarity and precision and control. Substantial heat sinking and a computer controlled fan cooling system ensure it remains cool even under extreme duress with an predominantly aluminium construction ensuring chassis temperatures are kept low while electro-magnetic interference is kept away from delicate audio signals.

The Two oversize toroid power transformers feed the seven power amplifier channels with separate secondary windings for each channel. The centre channel, often the most important as it carries dialogue information, is fed from both transformers for maximum performance. Soft Start circuit is deployed to reduce inrush load on the incoming mains supply at switch-on with the toroid standby transformer and control circuits kept in their own aluminium enclosure for additional screening.

The P777 is one of the finest multi channel amplifiers in the world and is specifically designed for the most ardent home cinema enthusiast or advanced custom installer. Available in black or silver finish, the P777 is designed and manufactured in the UK.

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Specificaties / Specifications

7 x 150 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, all channels driven)
7 x 230 watts per channel (4 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, all channels driven)
Peak output current +/- 30amps per channel
Modular construction with seven independent and fully isolated channels
Four Sanken heavy duty bi-polar output transistors per channel
Advanced current feedback design with high slew rate and very low distortion at all audio frequencies
Predominantly aluminium chassis and casework for best sound quality
Comprehensive protection circuitry
- DC offset protection
- VI limiting on each output stage
- Software controlled thermostatic fan
- Over temperature protection

Inputs and Outputs
Balanced (XLR) input connections
Unbalanced (RCA) inputs with loop through output
12v Trigger (3.5mm mono jack) input for standby control
Power Supply Features

Balanced (XLR) input connections
Twin 1500 VA toroidal power transformers with separate secondary's for each power amplifier
Separate low noise toroid transformer for standby operation
140,000 micro-farads total reservoir capacitance
Soft Start turn on system to prevent large inrush currents
Custom Install Features

12v trigger input (3.5mm)
Heavy duty IEC power inlet
Middle Atlantic rack shelf available
Balanced and unbalanced inputs
Unbalanced input loop though connection
Large and quiet temperature controlled fan

Available in black
Size 435mm (17.1in) wide, 460mm (18.1in)
deep 185mm (7.3in) high
Weight 31kg (68.3) nett, 35kg (81.6lbs) packed

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