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ASI LiveLine reference preamplifier

Beschrijving / Description

The Liveline is a dual mono balanced preamplifier featuring a two-chassis design with an external power supply. Each chassis is made from the same high quality aluminum as the Grand Stereo amplifier and also employs Finite Elemente Ceraballs footers for excellent stabilization. Like the Grand Stereo, the Liveline utilizes many custom-made components according to Karan's specifications. Sourced directly from Germany, the power supply boasts greater capacitance storage which Karan says "makes the Liveline faster and more transparent." The Liveline also boasts new low inductance capacitors says Karan, which provide extremely high current but, he stressed the best parts do not always give best result in sound so you must carefully match components that work synergistically with your circuit design.

The Liveline's new volume attenuator is said to be both more accurate and boast a lower distortion quotient than my beloved Karan preamp. The front panel of the preamplifier features a simple layout design balanced out by way of two rotary knobs between the narrow LED window display. Turning the Liveline to the On position illuminates the ASI logo located on the separate power supply chassis in a bright blue glow. The display window provides volume level in dB steps along with input selection. The back panel displays six pair of inputs: 3 XLR and 3 RCA. There are also two sets of XLR outputs (sorry, no RCA outputs). The separate power supply houses both the IEC Power On switch and the Cardas 7-pin umbilical cord which connects both units. Another nice touch is the volume and input selection can be adjusted via a hefty (all aluminum) remote control.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Frequency response: DC-600 Khz +0/-3 dB
Channel separation
Distortion:1V rms output level into a 600 ohm impedance is 0.0001% THD across the Audible bandwidth and 0.0001% IMD
Inputs: 3 RCA and 3 XLR
Output: 2 XLR
Size: Main Unit: 19.9inch x 14.2inch x 4.7inch
Power supply: 19.9inch x 13inch x 4.7inch
Weight: Main Unit: 26.4 lbs
Power supply: 28.6 lbs

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