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ASR Emitter II Exclusive

Beschrijving / Description

Emitter II is more a main powerful (450W/4 Ohm) amp with high input sensitivity and an attenuator at the beginning. Such a design requires high performance pots that is why ASR doesn't use them. Attenuator is built around fantastic electro-magnetic switches that control a resistor ladder in particular moment there are always only two resistors in signal's path. Customer gets a volume control with relay attenuator in 1dB-Steps up to 75dB. Than signal goes via single gain step in this particular case it was Analog Devices AD 843 BQ chip with Mundorf capacitor at the side. In some versions they put additional radiator over this chip. The output stage is made with 2x4 high power audio Mosfets in push-pull config, in AB class, that are driven by a pair of very fast Toshiba's Mosfets 2SK1530+2SJ201, attached to solid copper slabs and than to radiators. There are only high quality elements used, gold plated, thick traces on PCB, grounds terminated at a single designated point on the system's ground conductor, and polypropylene caps. Path of the signal is extremely short it is just a couple of centimeters. The amplifier is equipped with nice, made of Corian (artificial marble) remote control. Handling of the device is perfect and assures you that you deal with real high-end.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Output power: 2 x 250W/8 Ohm, 2 x 450W/4 Ohm, 2 x 800W/2 Ohm
Total harmonic distortion: <0,02%
S/N ratio: >90dB (1W/8 Ohm)
Frequency response: 0,2Hz-500kHz (-3dB)
Input impedance: 10kOhm
Dimensions: 570 x 440 x 230mm (amp) + 2 x 460 x 320 x 160mm (power supplies)
Weight: 47kg (amp) + 2 x 32kg (power supplies)

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