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Audionet AMP 7

Beschrijving / Description

The powerful AMP VII unites up to 7 high performance output stages in just one case. The maximum configuration enables you to run even the very latest 7.1 home cinema setups.

At 58 kilograms, the equivalent of a tae kwon do fly-weight. When you set up our power amplifier AMP VII you're just going to shake your head. This amplifier certainly has nothing to do with a fly weight but a lot to do with pure and bundled power. Each of the maximal seven toroid-core transformers performs with 650 VA, and the AMP VII needs to be connected via two power cords. The AMP VII displays its champion qualities in terms of the sound. Whoever experiences it will be seriously impressed.

The AMP VII has a modular set up and can be equipped with anything from four up to seven channels. Its variable set up fits any loudspeaker ensemble, even the latest 7.1 home-cinema experience. The modular setup also comes in handy, if you want to expand an already existing two or multichannel arrangement.

Yet it is not just the sheer power and stability that is captivating but the combination of the large amount of information communicated, its elaborate details and the accomplished sound purity. As a result, the AMP VII recommends itself as an audiophile partner for exclusive multichannel-music performances.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Output (per channel): 150 W into 8 ohms
250 W into 4 ohms
360 W into 2 ohms
Filtering capacity (per channel): 50,000 uF
Frequency Response: 2 - 300,000 Hz (-3 dB)
THD + N: > 107 dB (25 Watts / 4 ohms)
SNR: 122 dB (A weighted)
Power Consumption: 120 W typ., max. 3500 W
Mains connection: 2 x 120V or 2 x 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: width 430 mm
height 196 mm
depth 430 mm
Weight: 58 kg (equipped with 7 channels)

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