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Audiophonics PRE-02

Beschrijving / Description

The Audiophonics preamplifier is an extremely versatile device at a more than affordable price. If it is first presented as a preamplifier, it also offers volume control and input selector features, with additional Bluetooth 5.0 support.

As its name suggests, the device incorporates a volume control based on a NJW1194 TI chip offering very good audio performance. This allows a very precise volume adjustment from -96 to 0dB. This chip allows to obtain a very low distortion of 0.004%, a dynamic range of 117B, a THD+N of 0.001% at 1kHz and a crosstalk of -120dBFS.

The Audiophonics NJW1194 offers both classic connectivity with 4x stereo RCA inputs but adds Bluetooth in version 5.0, thanks to its JL AC1820AP chip. It is thus possible to stream your music remotely from a device with this connectivity such as a smartphone or tablet for example. Bluetooth version 5.0 ensures excellent stability and transmission speed for quality listening. A Bluetooth antenna is included to improve transmission.

The output side is simply one stereo RCA to connect the NJW1194 to an amplifier.
The unit's power supply circuit incorporates efficient multi-channel regulation to significantly reduce noise.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Product type Preamplifier
Volume control
Input selector
Chip NJW1194
Distortion 0.001%
Dynamic range 117dB
THD+N 0.0015% (2Vrms)
Crosstalk -120dB
Inputs Bluetooth 5.0
4x Stereo RCA
Output 1x Stereo RCA
Output impedance 215 ohm
Display Red LED display, 51 x 20mm
Bluetooth chip BTM308
Housing Brushed Aluminium
Supply voltage 230V AC
Total dimensions (With antenna + volume button) Approx. 196 x 130 x 48mm
Value / Volume -90dB à 0dB
Weight 820g
Color Silver
Power cable Not included (available as accessories)

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