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AudioValve Baldur 300 Limited Edition

Beschrijving / Description

This German brand famous for its High Tech creations surprises with this monophonic set of 240 W RMS. A high standing product, 100% made in Germany, produced in a limited number at a very competitive price.

Commercialized in a limited number, the Baldur 300 monophonic blocks are listed among the very rare amplifiers with tubes delivering more than 200 W with exceptional musical qualities, without reaching inaccessible prices. The two Baldur 300 monophonic blocks are made 100% in Germany. Their weight reaches 110kg, the 240 W RMS on 8 ohm being obtained from 10 tubes 6AS7G, double triodes famous for being extremely more efficient on the criteria of linearity and harmonic distortion than the very traditional tetrodes 6550. Each block has a style similar to this Baldur 70 tested in December 2005, in the number 302 of our review but under more imposing sizes, the unit weight going from 16 kg to 55 kg. The imposing chassis of 49 cm width and 53 cm depth has a 43 cm height. We can find the columns mounting principle, of painted metal plates, of the thick plate in cut metacrylate, the 14 seeable tubes on the top of the appliance being protected by a grey painted protective grille. As on the Baldur 70, the few 24 cm available under the chassis allow to place without heating risks, the output transformer, power transformer and the related circuits. The frontal startup orders are done in two steps (filaments heating, then high tension), back face including 2 sets of output speakers, one RCA entry and one XLR entry (de-symmetrize).

he circuit is made of an entry floor with double triode ECC83, a Schmitt phase-converter floor charged by 2 x 33 kO, a symmetric follower floor charged by 2 x 39 kO, a low impedance attack floor with double Russian triode 6N6P (or similar American 6CG7). We find in output, such as on the Baldur 70, the double triodes 6 AS7G, appreciated for their linearity and their musical qualities. Set in quintuple push-pull, they allow to obtain a 240 W nominal power in A class with less than 1% of distortion at 1 kHz and almost 300 W at the chopping. Each triode section is coupled to the ABR circuit with patent automatic assisted polarization (meaning 20 ABR circuits by mono block), each circuit using an operational amplifier of 741 type, a PNP bipolar radio with BF 423 high tension, a thermistor and optional passive components. The double triode 6AS7G being favored by a 280 O only internal impedance, the push-pull quintuple mounting make possible the use of an output transformer with low impedance, resulting into really weak insertion lost and to an optimal adaptation on 8 O charge. Considering its imposing size, it has been put in the chassis, such as the power transformer. The power circuits invest a large part of their printed circuit, in terms of one per push-pull plug, plus two extra stabilized for the entry floors.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Type: Monaural Amplifier with tubes
Power output: 240 W/8 ohm
Distortion harm: <=0.2%/100W
Frequency feedback: 10-60 kHz
Ratio signal/noise: 95 dB
Entries: RCA, sensitivity 1 V/47 k Ohm and XLR (asymmetric from the entry).
Output: On double sockets for banana shape jacks, wires open or twisted in U shape.
Size: 490 x 430 x 530 mm.
Weight: 35 kg.
Origin: Germany

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