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Bowers And Wilkins 804S

Beschrijving / Description

The 804S is a more compact version of the 803S. Exactly the same midrange and tweeter configuration is used, but bass is supplied by two smaller 6.5 diameter Rohacell cone drivers. This model is ideal for the medium size listening room elegant and unobtrusive.

Silver coating the magnet pole in the tweeter helps extend its high-end response. The midrange driver utilizes a powerful Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet, which ensures incredibly low levels of harmonic distortion necessary to reproduce programme with full clarity to high output levels.

Our crossovers use only air-cored inductors, again for lowest distortion, and capacitors developed and optimized in conjunction with one of the world's foremost manufacturers. And all contacts are gold plated, to ensure long-term freedom from corrosion.

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Specificaties / Specifications

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Staat van artikel

€ 2.390,00 (per set)