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Bowers And Wilkins 805 D2

Beschrijving / Description

The 805 Diamond breaks from the floor-standing speakers in the 800 Diamond Series as it does not have the FST surround on the midrange/bass driver. I expect that this is because the FST surround does not allow the extension necessary for the driver to cover the lower portion of the frequency range in this two-way design.

Just below the driver is the dimpled "Flowport," with another chrome trim ring. While the Flowport is hardly a new design, the flared port, combined with golf ball-like dimpling, is effective in reducing port noise. A newly designed crossover design utilizes gold/silver/oil Mundorf capacitors in a simplified assembly said to improve tweeter clarity. The 805 Diamond is also bi-wire-capable through newly designed binding posts, with oxygen-free copper terminals that are as attractive as they are easy to use. If you do not plan on bi-wiring, the supplied jumpers are of high quality and should serve well. The 16.5-inch-tall cabinets are a little over nine inches wide at the front and have a graceful curve over their 13.8-inch depth that culminates in a rounded back. The top panel is also sloped and curved, leaving only the front and bottom panels flat. Despite their modest size, the speakers weigh in at 26 pounds each, due in no small part to the cabinets utilizing Bowers & Wilkins' matrix bracing system and nearly one-and-a-half-inch-thick walls. Knocking on various parts of the cabinet resulted in well-muted thuds.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Efficiency rating of 88dB
Nominal impedance of eight ohms
Frequency response of 49 Hz to 28 kHz +/- 3 dB, with -6 dB points at 42 Hz and 33 kHz.

Staat van artikel

€ 3.290,00 (per set)
Including stands!