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Cambridge CD1

Beschrijving / Description

Model 1984. This substantial-looking two-box machine comprises a lower deck containing the decoder and analog filter sections, these separated and screened from the larger upper deck that carries control, transport, and power-supply sections. Finished in typical Cambridge style, with dark teak end-panels in solid wood and an overall matte-black finish, this player offers two pairs of output terminals, one fixed, the other passively variable via a moderate-impedance potentiometer.

The player transport is based on a modified version of the Philips CD104/Magnavox 1040 that incorporates a diecast metal chassis. A drawer-loader, this player may be programmed for up to 20 tracks, albeit laboriously, while the multipurpose display is a small, green, fluorescent type that needs looking at closely if it is to be read easily. High-quality pushbutton switches are used for control, forming a dominant row across much of the width of the machine. A secondary set of three switches may be used singly or in connection to provide a variety of filter functions, numbered 1 to 6, 1 corresponding to the standard flat response.

The player uses Philips' digitally filtered, 14-bit, 4x oversampled system, but with a difference: three DACs are used per channel, two in parallel and one for ranging. Dither is added to improve the resolution, rounding the result up to 16-bit overall. While the analog circuitry is based on 5534-type op-amp ICs, this section is carefully built with good power supplies, van den Hul mono filament cable, and Wondercaps. Care has been taken over the mechanical construction lead metal bars damp the CD transport and provide the suspension with a low resonant frequency, said to be tuned to 1Hz.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Two-box, solid-state CD player.

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€ 2.390,00