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Classe CA-2300

Beschrijving / Description

Classé has been making some of the finest two-channel and home theater electronics the industry has ever known and in the last few years they've stepped up their efforts; producing components that can only be described as beautiful - both sonically and visually. Don't get me wrong - Classé has always been about sound quality but their newest offerings, such as the Delta Series CA-2300 are simply in a league all their own.

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Specificaties / Specifications

All tests un-weighted and 500kHz measurement bandwidth (except SNR).
Frequency response 1Hz - 80kHz, -3dB
Output power 300W rms into 8W (24.8 dBW), 600W rms into 4W (24.8 dBW) Both channels driven
Harmonic Distortion <0.002% @ 1kHz balanced <0.004% @ 1 kHz single ended
Peak Output Voltage 150V peak to peak, 53V rms no load 136V peak to peak, 48V rms into 8W
Input Impedance 50kW balanced / single ended
Voltage gain 29 dB balanced / single ended
Input level at clipping 1.88V rms balanced / single ended
Intermodulation Distortion >90dB below fundamental into 8W balanced / single ended >90dB below fundamental into 4W balanced / single ended
Signal-to-noise ratio -116dB at peak output into 8W
Measurement Bandwidth: 22kHz
Output Impedance 0.015W @ 1kHz
Standby powepower consumption <1W @ 230V
Rated power consumption 763W @ 1/8th power into 8W
Overall Dimensions CA-2300 Width: (444mm)
CA-2300 Depth (excluding connectors): (445mm)
CA-2300 Height: (223mm)
Gross weight CA-2300: 100lbs (45.36 kg)
Net weight CA-2300: 88lbs (39.92 kg)

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