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Denon DP-57

Beschrijving / Description

Servo-Controlled Direct-Drive Turntable (1982) with AC servo motor and bi-directional control.
The DP-57L features an interchangeable S-shaped type tonearm with dynamic servo tracer system for improved low frequency performance.

The anti-skating system is of the non-contact type with electronic servo control.

The tonearm also has an auto-lift mechanism with no-contact end of record detection system which automatically lifts the stylus off the record and stops rotation to avoid unnecessary wear of the tip.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Drive system: Out-rotor AC servo motor, bi-directional servo control, direct drive
Wow and flutter: 0.008% WRMS
Signal to noise ratio: 82dB
Dimensions: 485 x 185 x 410mm
Weight: 11.5kg

Staat van artikel

€ 1.189,00
(excl. € 44,00 verzendkosten)