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Furutech Alpha PS 950 Piezo Powerflux Power Cord 1.5m

Beschrijving / Description

For their top-line Powerflux cord, Furutech lists as ingredients piezo-ceramic connectors made from carbon fiber layers, an acetal polymer dielectric, nonmagnetic stainless steel, Nylon, fiberglass and two active materials - nano ceramic particles and powdered carbon. The connector conductors run pure copper treated with Furutech's so-called Alpha process which is a combination of cryogenics and demagnetization. The 0.12mm shield too is treated. The jacket includes PVC and "high-grade PE insulation for reduced capacitance" and is finished in a 17.5mm diameter Nylon braid. The Alpha- treated OCC copper conductors are 0.127mm x 7 x 3 cores for 2.8mm diameter per leg. Luxuriously finished to standards not expected in this sector.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Length 1.5 meters.

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