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Genesis 5

Beschrijving / Description

The Gen V, whilst relatively small was designed to perform as a large speaker, both in small to medium rooms, and large rooms, hence it has a frequency response of 20hz to 36khz. The Gen V was created for the discerning music lover upholding the family trandition of the larger Genesis systems tremendous dynamic range, a servo controlled sub-woofer system, great sound stage and imaging, all the while offering a relatively small footprint.

Gen V speaker systems consist of two relatively moderate floor standing dipole loudspeakers, a dedicated servo power amplifier and a pair of 10 metre custom speaker cables from Audioquest for the bass.

The bass for each speaker is handled by four uniquely designed 8 inch metal cone servo woofers, two in the front and two in the rear. There is a 6.5 inch metal cone mid bass coupler to cover the frequency range of 85hz to 500hz, whilst the midrange is supported by a 3 inch metal dome titanium and silicone carbide driver. The tweeter is the famous circular ribbon as used in all Genesis speakers. In this case there is one in the front and one out of phase in the rear.

An 800w servo amplifier controls the bass of these speakers. It is remotely controlled by the user to adjust volune, low pass and high pass, and phase. As the Gen V is quite efficient and presents a 40hm nominal load, it can be driven by an amplifier of moderate power and can also safely be driven with much larger amplifiers. The amplifier you use has a relatively easy job as it will only drive the frequencies from 85hz and above.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Specifications of Speaker
Cabinet dimensions H 44 inch W 11inch D 22inch
Weight 140 lbs each
Frequency reponse 20hz - 36khz (+/-3db)
Impedience 4ohms
Sensitivity 90db

Specification of Servo Amplifier
Dimensions H 4.75inch W 19inch D 18.5inch
Weight 30 lbs
Power Supply Torroidal Transformer
Power 400w per channel
Input connectors 1 pr RCA, 1 pr XLR
Input Impedience 33K ohms

Remote Control Functions
High Pass, Low Pass, Phase and Volume

Staat van artikel

€ 4.990,00 (per set)