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Heco Direkt

Beschrijving / Description

The 279mm mid-bass unit arrives with a Kraft paper diaphragm and lightweight dust-protection cone in a die-cast aluminium cage. Underneath is a pair of downward-firing bass-reflex ports. A pair of speaker terminals can be found at the back. Arriving with a sensitivity of 95db, they are ideal for low powered valve amps from around 10W or so.

The speakers weigh in at 26kg and stand on their own trio of metal legs that arrive loose and need to be screwed into the base before use. You can attach spikes or rubber feet on the ends.

Each speakers spans 440 x 998 x 397mm

Before the music itself took effect, I was impressed at the sensitivity of these speakers and how easy they were to drive. Like other sensitive speakers I've come across, the Direkt speakers needed tweaking in order to find the sweet spot. For me, that was pointing the tweeters outside of my left and right ears, almost pointing directly down the room but toed in a touch. Too close to the ears and they tended to beam and hit a slight stridency from guitars and vocals at high volumes. If you get that, swing them out a bit further from the ears.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Muziek vermogen 150 watt
Speakeropbouw 2-weg systeem
Type speaker Vloerstaand
2-weg basreflex vloerstaande luidspreker
Aanbevolen versterkervermogen 10 - 320 watt
Frequentiebereik 25 - 28.000 Hz
Impedantie 4 - 8 Ohm
Gevoeligheid 95 dB
Afmetingen (BxHxD)
Kast 440 x 900 x 200 mm (230 incl. Terminal)
incl. voetconstructie 440 x 998 x 397 mm
Gewicht 25,8 kg

Staat van artikel

€ 1.390,00 (per set)