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Kenwood L-D1

Beschrijving / Description

Kenwood's ultimate CD player.

Launched in a gradually vanishing market so, like many other early 1990s units, the L-D1 got barely visible and sold poorly except in its country of origin. Since the accompanying L-A1 amplifier and LVD-Z1 Laserdisc player sadly suffered the same fate, that, for Kenwood, was that - exit. Even the DR-W1 CD recorder was junked after a few pre-production samples.

The CD is loaded à la Pioneer's Stable Platter system but it is said the L-D1 mechanism comes from Kenwood's own in-house developped LVD-Z1 Laserdisc player, adapted to CD's smaller format.
Comparing the contemporary Pioneer PD-95 and the L-D1 is... very much in favor of the latter : pressed metal vs. aluminium slabs.

Build-quality is very much Accuphase-like :
glass-epoxy boards, 5mm (front) and 8mm (frame) diecast aluminium, 3,8mm extruded aluminium top plate, 2mm steel chambers separations, three power transformers, select parts, dual PDM digital to analogue conversion, the same distortion-cancelling circuits found in the L-A1 (Super C4), power FETs in the audio output stage, 0,1 Ohm analog outputs through machined brass gold-plated terminals

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Specificaties / Specifications

Frequency response : 4Hz...20Khz
S/N ratio : 108dB
Dynamic range : > 100dB
Channel separation : > 100dB
THD : 0,001% (1Khz ; EIAJ)
Analog outputs : 2,5V / 0,1 Ohm (variable, two sets)
Optical output : 0,5V p-p / 75 Ohm
Coaxial output : -15dBm...-12dBm (660nm)
PC : 40W (EU)
25W (JP)
Dimensions : 47,6 x 12,8 x 43cm
Weight : 20kg.

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