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Lector CDP-06T

Beschrijving / Description

Lector proudly introduces the all new CDP-0.6 cd-player with tube analog output featuring original cdm servo with proprietary software control,proprietary DAC chipset and D.S.P. resampling solution. Audio analog output is based on pure direct dac connection as two double triode on class A configuration circuit (ECC-81, 12AT7)

From digital chipset DAC pin to output pin the signal analog domain don't have any transistor or IC on signal path: only true genuine premium tube circuit. Only premium grade polipropylene capacitors are used on signal path.

This feature it's realy important, so the fragile analog signal don't suffering of typical solid state integrated circuit sound.

The analog output section uses selected 2 double triodes in pure class A ( 2 tubes ECC-81 or 12AT7) . Tubes are selected for lowest noise and tuning trimmered for precision tracking voltage output.

Accurate digital clock circuit generator supply right and stable frequency at very low jitter to digital demodulator ic circuit, so the serial three wire signal drive easy the digital to analog converter chip.

The chip DAC is a special custom made components manufacture for Lector only as also the 70 watt power toroidal transformer.

Sonic performance delivers pure enjoyment: thanks to original design and custom made components as servo drive pcb, original firmware,extensive mod's around laser pick up. What you listen is just the sound of your favourite tubes operating with exceptional linearity in a class A gain stage.

We can spend many words trying to describe its purity, its great dynamics, its airy soundstage, its accurate imaging, its ability to resolve the subtle details and many other outstanding qualities of this cd-player. But we prefer to simply invite you to listen to it and to trust more what your hear.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Type off unit: Integrated CD Player with tube out filter and dsp sample rate converter for 96 khz
Harmonic distorsion THD: Better than 0.1 %
DAC type and filter: 24 bit with DSP sample rate converter by Lector proprietary software
Signal to noise ratio: 100 db (A)
Tube for preamplification stage: 2 x ECC-81 , 12 AT 7 selected by Lector during testing
Frequency response: 20 - 22 K h z +/- 1.5 db
Digital outputs: Optional: SPDIF/OPTO Toslink or ST-II/AES-EBU balanced by XLR
Analog line outputs: 1 one pair RCA at 2.3 mV 250 ohm
External power supply: 100/110/230/240 Vac 50/60 Hz 70 V/a
External dimension: 400 x 308 x 85 ( L x P x H) mm
Weight: 7 Kg net 8 Kg gross

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€ 790,00