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Marantz SA-11S1

Beschrijving / Description

This is the ultimate music disc player. The SA-11S1 joins other products in Marantz's vaunted Reference Series to fulfill the dream of every music-conscious audiophile: A system that simply passes music from the artist's mind to the listener's ear. The heavy copper-plated chassis damps unwanted mechanical resonances while it shields delicate internal circuits from destructive radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation. The resonance-free disc mechanism provides an ultra-stable platform for both disc and laser optical system. In addition to Marantz's proprietary HDAM-SA signal transfer modules, audio path circuits boast custom-selected and, in some cases, custom-made internal components chosen for their combined contribution to overall signal quality. Output filters, long the downfall of other supposedly top shelf players, are customconfigured and individually selectable for both SACD and conventional CD playback. The result Sound from your treasured CDs approaches that of
todays most advanced SACDs

New Precision Drive Mechanism with Vibration Free Stabilizing Plate
Accurate Selectable Digital Filters
Over-sized Troidal Transformer
Triple HDAM/Channel Construction
PEC (Phase Error Compensation) Circuit to Eliminate the Phase Delay Error
Gold Plated Solid Brass Terminals
Zero Noise LCD Display

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Specificaties / Specifications

SACD specs:
signal-to-noise ratio: >114 dB
dynamic range: 114 dB
CD specs:
signal-to-noise ratio: >100 dB
dynamic range: 100 dB
remote control
weight: 30.8 lbs
17-5/16"W x 4-7/8"H x 18-1/4"D

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€ 1.190,00