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Metrum Hex

Beschrijving / Description

After choosing Aurix for headphone monitoring, STS Digital also decided to employ Hex - to monitor the entire recording process. Its ability to reproduce an extremely neutral and natural sound, as it comes directly from the recording console (without the intervention of digital sound processing), found favour.

Hex is a continuation of the theme which began with Quad. For Octave we doubled the Dacs over and above Quad, using a total of 8 high speed industrial grade D/A chipsets - 4 per channel. The result was much improved resolution with lower noise and distortion.

For Hex we doubled the boards and improved upon these attributes even further. Hex uses 16 of these industrial grade high speed chipsets - 8 per channel. It operates in full differential mode. In addition connectivity is increased : 1 x BNC Coaxial, 1 x RCA Coaxial, 2 x Optical, and USB inputs, with RCA and XLR outputs. AES/EBU input is optional.

Due to fully galvanic separation of these DAC boards, three toroidal transformers are used to power them, control logic and USB. Consequently, frequency response, distortion and channel separation are all improved. As a result the Dac sounds very close to real analogue.

Input sample rate possibilities are extended further than Octave. All inputs handle up to 24/192kHz, except Toslink, which is limited to 24/96kHz. Outputs are both Balanced and Single Ended.

Cees Ruijtenberg

Non Over Sampling Hex has received a number of awards, both for performance and price. It now functions as part of several audio Reviewers systems, around the world. In sound quality and performance, it has been compared to the very best available but at an absolute fraction of most of their prices.

STS Digital found these same characteristics important, enough to include Hex in their recording chain. It is now the standard used for recording their audiophile products.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Working principle: Non oversampling industrial high-speed dac chips. Dual mono, 8 Dacs per channel in differential mode.
Power supply: 45 VA three separate toroid transformers to feed the DAC boards, control logic and USB. 18 V regulator
USB nterfaces: custom-modded HiFace 2.0 with internal power supply and galvanic isolation, playback 44.1-192 kHz
Slew rate: 35 Volt/uS
Frequency response: 1Hz - 20 khz - 2.5 dB 44.1 kHz sampling rate; 1Hz - 65 kHz - 3dB 192 kHz sampling rate.
Distortion: 0.03 % THD
Noise: -130 dB related to 2 Volt RMS output.

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