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MIT SL Matrix USB 1m

Beschrijving / Description

Digital audiowaveforms are in the shape of square waves,and the highest fidelity is achieved when a USB cable preserves the original squared shape. Most cables tend to overshoot or undershoot on those square waves as each pulse starts and stops, as well as exhibiting impedance mismatches between each data leg, creating timing (phase) errors known as jitter. MITs SL-Matrix USB audio cables employ proprietary designs that minimize jitter. The two data legs are carefully matched and stabilized in impedance, and noise filters at each end of the cable provide equal filtering between each signal leg. This differential construction allows the USB device to check for residual errors. By reducing these timing errors and lowering the noise floor, your AV equipments error correction circuitry will need to do less work, allowing your system to do its job better - getting all of the music to your ears.

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Specificaties / Specifications

USB Cable 1m

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