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Mogami Hifi Reference 2x2.4m

Beschrijving / Description

For decades all MOGAMI cables have been manufactured by the same long-time employees under the supervision of chief developer and owner Koichi Hirabayashi. Many of these cable series are already well remembered by HiFi enthusiasts - they have an excellent reputation as masterpieces of Japanese craftsmanship, which unfortunately were difficult to obtain for several years. We are happy to offer you these audiophile HiFi cables again - of course hand-made in Germany.
Every meter of MOGAMI cable is completely manufactured and meticulously monitored in our own factory. MOGAMI has always relied on genuine craftsmanship, selected materials, extensive basic physical research and intensive quality tests. Of course, only lead-free solders are used for packaging. The result is an absolutely precise signal transmission without any influence on the sound.

The Reference LS cable is the dual coax design counterpart to the Reference NF cable, also equipped with the highly conductive Neglex III PCOCC copper conductors for an extremely resolving and particularly honest sound. As with all MOGAMI loudspeaker cables, WBT nextgen banana plug or cable lugs are used for honest signal transmission without compromise.

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Specificaties / Specifications

color: black, red
DC resistance: 50 mOhm/m (Inner Conductor) / 45 mOhm/m (Outer Conductor)
impedance: 15 Ohm
inner conductor: Details: 80 x 0,08 mm Neglex III PCOCC
insulation: PP
2. insulation: PP
capacity (1 kHz, 20C): 590 pF/m
cable diameter: 4 mm
cable no.: Speaker Cable
length: 3 Meter
jacket material: XLPE / Braided sleeve
shielding: Details: 100 x 0,08 mm Neglex III PCOCC
connector: sandwich spade (WBT-0681 Cu)

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