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MSB The Analog DAC and Power Supply

Beschrijving / Description

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Specificaties / Specifications

Solid-state D/A processor with outboard power supply.
Inputs (three slots): choice of coaxial, TosLink, balanced AES/EBU, MSB network PROi2S, or USB; one pair of analog inputs on RCA jacks.
Analog outputs: one pair single-ended RCAs, one pair balanced on XLRs.
Volume control (optional): 1dB stepped attenuator (78 steps).
Sampling frequency: 32-384kHz. Bit depth: 32. DSD: 64x, 128x.
Maximum output level: 2.62V RMS, single-ended and balanced.
Output impedance: 53 ohms, single-ended, 106 ohms, balanced, without volume control; 38 ohms, single-ended, 76 ohms, balanced, with volume control.
Dimensions: 17.5" (450mm) W by 1" (26mm) H by 13" (335mm) D.
MSB Basic Desktop power supply: 6.5" (170mm) W by 2.25" (60mm) H by 9" (230mm) D.
Weight: 28 lbs (12.7kg).

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€ 7.500,00