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Musical Fidelity M6 PRX

Beschrijving / Description

The M6 Series is designed by the Musical Fidelity team in the United Kingdom but is manufactured in Taiwan to keep costs down. Even though the M6 PRX is made halfway across the world from Musical Fidelity's headquarters, the design is pure Musical Fidelity.

The amplifier is a fully balanced, dual mono, class AB design with four pairs of output transistor devices per channel (This is one more pair of devices per channel than 200 Watt per channel M6i integrated.) and is rated at 260 Watts per channel and signal to noise ratio of greater than 120dB "A" weighted. The high current design is said to deliver constant voltage even with hard to drive speakers. The chassis of the M6 PRX bears a strong resemblance to the other pieces in the M6 series and indeed to other Musical Fidelity products and can be had in either silver or black finishes. My review sample had been a demo unit for a while and despite some signs of wear, demonstrated itself to be a well-finished product. The aluminum front faceplate has pronounced horizontal bevels along the top and bottom edges, a design touch one will note in the AMS, M3 and M1 series as well. The 43 and a half pound amplifier is housed in a relatively compact package measuring 17 and a third inches wide by five inches high and 15 and a half inches deep. The faceplate has a 'medical grade stainless steel' badge with the model name just below the upper bevel on the left side. Other than the badge, the faceplate is symmetrical with silver ovals just flanking the centerline just above the lower bevel. The ovals contain led status lights and are flanked by a power button on the left and an input selector on the right. One can use the input selection to choose between the "A" and "B" inputs. This will make it even easier to integrate the PRX into a home theater system when your preamplifier does not have a home theater pass through. Horizontal heat sinks run down each side to the rear panel and were nicely finished with rounded edges that were friendly to my fingers when moving the unit. The rear panel is fairly complete with two sets of single-ended inputs, a set of balanced inputs, a single-ended output for pass through to another amplifier or powered subwoofer, two pairs of binding posts and an IEC power connector. Notably missing was a 12-volt trigger input.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Rated power output: 230 Watts per channel (8 ohm)
Output voltage: 43 volts (without clipping)
Current(peak to peak): 140A
Damping factor: 210
THD(+ noise): <0.007% typical, 20Hz to 20 kHz (Line-In)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >120dB 'A'-weighted
Frequency Response: +0, -1dB, 10Hz to 100kHz
Inputs: 2 x RCA Pair
1 x XLR Pair
Loop-Out: 1 x RCA Pair
Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 125 x 390mm
Weight (net/gross): 19.7kg / 24.4kg
Power Consumption: 750 W Max. / 0.5 Watt Standby

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