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Musical Fidelity M8xi

Beschrijving / Description

Over the last 5 years our power amp circuitry has reached a high state of development. In our never ending quest for improving performance and customer value we have been looking for ways to improve our designs. One of the prime directives was to keep the low feedback configuration unchanged .. continue with low feedback! The problern was how to improve efficiency and performance without affecting the sound quality.
If I say so myself, I think we have come up with a brilliant solution. Our new M8xi power amp design gives higher power, lower distortion and better sound quality. Incredible but true. The output stage efficiency has been increased thus yielding about 10% more power for similar power supply voltage. More importantly the whole driver stage is pure Class A. We believe that this innovative approach has a substantial effect on the sound quality. The sound stage appears wider whilst the micro and macro dynamics have more impact. This effect is particularly noticeable on well recorded piano. I am sure you all know the piano is a percussive instrument but in truth this is rarely audible on most Hi Fi systems. Using an M8xi a piano's percussive nature becomes instantly obviously and jumps out of the loudspeaker. lt is a surprising and satisfying improvement to the sound quality. Vocals have more subtly, detail and presence. Large scale music has a depth, width and incredibly dynamic presentation. All in all the M8xi is a consummate all-rounder. Mostly it sounds like a small Class A amplifier with huge power.

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