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Naim CD5i

Beschrijving / Description

The new entry level CD5i is a genuine Naim CD player with all the musical and engineering quality that the logo and tradition demand. Like its Naim counterparts, this latest addition to Naim's CD player range is designed to meet the criteria of fabulous music making and simple, intuitive operation. The CD5i excels at both.

All Naim CD players are born of the same convictions and created by the same designers and engineers. Technology is shared freely between models - the CD5i runs the same innovative in-house replay and control software as the world's best CD player, Naim's CD555. All of the team at Naim share the belief that recorded music can be as inspiring and passionate as the real thing.

Engineering solutions in Naim CD players are designed with only one thing in mind - access to music - access through the quality of performance and access through ergonomics. The CD5i incorporates a new Wolfson Microelectronics digital to analogue converter because exhaustive listening tests proved its superiority. And, the CD5i uses the well-known Naim CD drawer because it provides the best environment for CD replay, and because it's just so easy to use. Excellent build quality, reliability and simple operation are brought together with many detailed improvements in circuitry in the new CD5i, to set a new standard at the entry point into high quality Compact Disc replay.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Line outputs 1 x DIN, 1 x RCA phono
Frequency response 10Hz - 20kHz + 0.1dB - 0.5 dB
Output level 2.0V rms at 1kHz
Output impedance 10? maximum
Phase response Linear phase, absolute phase correct
Laser type Semiconductor AIGaAs
Wavelength 780nm +/- 20nm
Light output (cw) Maximum 0.5mW
De-emphasis +/- 0.1 dB referred to main response
Distortion and noise <0.1% 10Hz - 18kHz at full level
Disc Compatibility Red book CD and CD-R
Control Handset included
Mains supply 115V, 230V (50 or 60Hz)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 x 432 x 301mm
Weight 5.7kg

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Prijs            € 590,00