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New Audio Frontiers Legend MKII

Beschrijving / Description

The integrated amplifier Legend MKII arises as a reply to our desire of bringing to a new life a legend: that of KT66. This beam tetrode, in fact, had been used by the greatest brand of high-fidelity such as Quad, Leak and Radford. As opposed to the original projects in which the tube was used in Tetrode or Ultralinear Push-Pull configuration in this product New Audio Frontiers decided for a pure Class A Triode Strapped Push Pull. The circuit is arranged in a dual-mono configuration and presents great attention even from the power supply. The anodic voltage is obtained with a pi filter which allows to reach an optimal levelling and filtering of any spurious noise. A DC stabilized voltage is used for the filaments of the vacuum tubes, except for the four KT66. The power stage is composed, for each channel, by a couple of KT66, triode connected, in Push-Pull configuration. In this way we can obtain 18 Watt that can easily drive any loudspeaker with a sensitivity of 93 dB Watt / m or above. The circuit with automatic biasing and without feedback allows us to reach an excellent sound quality also thanks to the high quality of our output transformers fully hand-wound using copper Litz wire. The output transformers of the highest level are built with core in M0 (the M0 is the thick of core in 0,1mm) and the winding is double wire for avoid the parassistic oscillation and many loss into the core. The driver stage is composed by one 6922 and one 5687WA. The first 6922 is used as the first tube that has to raise the input level. Then the signal, in each channel, goes to a differential amplifier based on 5687WA that allows to reach a maximum linearity in order to get the best sonic transparency. So an integrated amplifier that due to the particular tubes and to its design choices, is able to give a sound of great sweetness but at the same time of crystalline transparency in the reproduction of male and female voices but without missing a superb dynamics.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Type Integrated
Continuous power 2 x 18 Watt su 8 Ohm / THD 5%
Input 5 Line
Sensitivity / Input impedance 900 mv / 100 KOhm
Dimensions 31 x 24 x 49 cm. (W x H x D)
Net weight 45 kg.
Manufacturer New Audio Frontiers Italy

Staat van artikel

€ 3.290,00