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Pegaso P-50A

Beschrijving / Description

The first Pegaso product is P50A, a 50W amplifier in class A with push-pull configuration and fully balanced circuit.

The circuit design is very simple: the preamp section is limited to the inputs selection and volume control, while the power amplifier stage is made of 4 x 6922 and 4 x KT90. The components are carefully selected as for reliability (the components chosen are all long-life at high temperature in order to guarantee reliability) as for the sound performance thanks to the choice of audiograde components in key points.

4 different volume scales can be selected in order to perfectly match the gain to the speaker sensitivity and one of the inputs can be used as power amplifier input (by-passing the preamp section). This solution allows for example to continue using the P50A for the two main channels into a home theater system. P50A is available in silver or black finish and is equipped with a remote control made of machined solid aluminium.

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Specificaties / Specifications

N of channels 2
RCA inputs 4
XLR inputs 2
Output power 50W
Input impedance 100KOhms
Frequency response 10 Hz to 100 Khz (0.5 dB 1W)
Signal to noise ratio 83 dBA
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.3% (10W)
Standby absorption (230VAC) 0.7W
Dimensions (LxAxP) 455 x 175 x 472mm
Weight 26 Kg

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