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Primare SPA23

Beschrijving / Description

The SPA23 is a 5x120W integrated A/V amplifier and digital controller and is the natural successor to the SPA22, which was recognised around the world for its ease of use and hi-fi sound quality. As the first of a new generation of Primare home entertainment products however, the SPA23 represents a considerable evolutionary advance in terms of design, performance, user flexibility and versatility.

Modular Design

The SPA23's comprehensively shielded heavy-duty steel chassis houses a newly developed modular design that allows for DSP, video and connections to be upgraded easily with proprietary Primare boards, incorporating thoroughly evaluated and optimised versions of the latest technologies and connectors. In every instance we have taken special care to keep signal paths short and layouts uncomplicated. Together with high performance FFC-wiring, these techniques give the
unit an extremely high performance and the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio. The finest audio grade semiconductors and capacitors have been used whenever possible. All parts that are known to interfere with each other are isolated by shielding, dedicated signal paths and power supplies.

Ultra Fast Power Device (UFPD) Class D Amplification

Switch mode power electronics is an important technology for reducing energy consumption and also to meet the demands for more channels in smaller enclosures. Unfortunately Class D amplifiers and switch mode power supplies have a deserved reputation for poor audio quality. The reason is that it is very difficult to apply enough feedback to control high frequency distortion while retaining stability in the Class D circuit. The culprit is the demodulation filter on the output, which shifts the phase 180
degrees. At low frequencies where the phase margin is large the application of enormous amounts of feedback creates fantastic THD figures, but at higher frequencies THD rises quickly. While the sound quality of such an amplifier is usually very dynamic and vivid, it can sound tiring and uncontrolled in the long run, especially when driving complex loads such as multi-way speakers. The worst examples have 0.001% THD at 1kHz and 0.1% THD at 7kHz : 100 times more THD at 7kHz. Female voices can sound harsh and metallic, percussion like breaking glass.

Primare is now introducing a Class D technology called UFPD (Ultra Fast Power Device) which for the first time provides for the possibilities of an audiophile Class D design. It is a Class D technology which has 30dB constant loop gain in the entire audio range and beyond the filter resonance frequency. It treats all signals equally regardless of frequency or slew rate and has the ability to suppress the filter resonance entirely. Consequently THD is kept very low at all frequencies. Irrespective of load, the frequency response is the same therefore UFPD is able to drive any speaker while maintaining control and vividness.

Although switch mode power supplies have gained a reputation for noise and unreliability, the theoretical advantages of the design are well known. The rails can be regulated with precision and current demand from the mains is lower as the result of high efficiency and the absence of current spikes: energy is taken from the mains over a larger period of the sine wave.

In conjunction with UFPD, Primare uses an isolated PFC (Power Factor Control) technology in the power supply, which controls the current from the mains voltage so that it is a pure sine wave with the same frequency and phase as the mains voltage. This means that even if 1000W is taken from the mains, other equipment in the room will not be affected. Its presence becomes virtually invisible to the mains voltage! The isolating stage of the converter works in a ZVS mode and as a result, the switch flanks contain a lower quantity of harmonics, providing lower EMI and a clean environment for the amplifiers to work in.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Modular Architecture: Fully Balanced Analogue AV Preamplifier & Digital Controller
Output power 5 X 120W 8ohm
Analogue Inputs 8 RCA, incl. 7.1 inputs
Signal-to-Noise -110 dB
Digital Inputs 3 RCA, 3 TOS-Link
Frequency Response 10 Hz-100 kHz, 1dB
Video Inputs 5 HDMI
Analogue Outputs Front (left and right) Center, Sub, Surr (left and right) Surr back (left and right)
Output 1 RCA (left and right)
Zone2 Output 1 RCA (left and right)
Digital Output 1 RCA, 1TOS-Link
Upscaling 1080p/24
Dolby True HD, DTS Master Audio, Dolby Digital, Prologic IIX, EX 7.1, dts, dts-ES 6.1, Neo6
1080p HDMI Switching (5in/2out)
DVD-A & SACD 5.1 input,
Multi-Channel PCM Compatible
Fully Configurable & Format independent Bass Management
Two Balanced Source Inputs,
7.1 Balanced Outputs
Discrete IR & Full RS232 Operation,
Programmable Triggers
Upgradeable Architecture.
Available in Black or Titanium
Dimensions W x D x H mm: 430 x 385 x 180
Weight: 15 kg

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