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PS Audio Perfectwave SACD transport

Beschrijving / Description

Unleash all that's been missing in your CD collection and, for the first time, hear what has been locked away on your SACD layer.
"It took my digital front end to a level I did not know it was capable of."

Locked inside your CD and SACD collection is a wealth of music you've not yet heard. How do we know that. Because we, like you, know what to expect from our reference discs. Imagine our surprise and delight as the first notes played on our new, galvanically isolated, PerfectWave SACD Transport. It was love at first listen. The PerfectWave SACD player is an engineering triumph our finest achievement in musical reproduction and information retrieval from optical media. Breathe new life into your CD collection played through any DAC. Send the raw DSD layer of SACD into your I2S input DAC so you can hear, for the first time, what's long been unavailable to external DACs in these high-resolution discs. Winner of the 2021 Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Unit Weight 22 lbs [9.97 kg]
Unit Dimensions 36cm x 43cm x 10cm
Shipping Weight 31 lbs [14 kg]
Optical discs SACD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R*/-RW*/+R*/+RW* (*Audio data file only)
USB Drive USB Flash Drive with audio files
Supported File Formats MP3/WMA/AAC (48kHz/320bps) WAV/FLAC/AIFF (192kHz/24bit) ALAC (96kHz/24bit) DSD (5.6MHz)
I2S 1 I2S output for PCM and DSD (raw)
Coax 1 output for PCM and DoP
BNC 2 outputs for PCM and DoP
XLR Balanced 2 outputs for PCM and DoP
Use in tandem for double-rate DoP
RJ45 and WIFI Ethernet and WIFI for over-the-air code updates

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