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Rogue Audio Metis

Beschrijving / Description

The Metis focuses on sonic essentials, devoting almost zero attention to gongs and whistles. Accordingly, it provides just three line-level inputs and one phono input, one headphone jack, and two sets of single-ended outputs (one fixed, the other variable). Controls are minimalist an on/off pushbutton, an input selector switch, a volume knob, a balance control, and an IR window for receiving signals from the optional Rogue remote. Finally, the Metis provides a linestage driven by a pair of 6SN7 vacuum tubes the same tubes Rogue uses, though in a different circuit topology, in its more costly preamplifiers. The Metis features a slow start circuit that is said to help extend tube life. Together these factors yield a costeffective, elegantly constructed preamplifier with a very sophisticated sound.

The Metis tonal balance is generally neutral, with articulate though perhaps slightly forward-sounding midrange, extended and beautifully defined highs, and pleasingly taut and potent bass (bass nearly as tight and well-defined as that of good solid-state preamps). Though the Metis never sounds aggressive it's much too smooth and polished for that term to apply neither is it subdued or polite; instead, it has a refreshingly direct and forthright sound that shatters a lot of oldschool tube-preamp myths. In fact, listeners accustomed to preamps that fit the lucid-midrange/soft-treble/wooly-bass paradigm will find this preamp's handling of the frequency extremes a revelation.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Frequency response 10Hz - 50 kHz +/- 1dB
THD < 0.1% typ, < 1% at rated power
Gain Stage 12 dB
Phono Gain 35 dB
Phono Loading 47K Ohms, 150pF capacitance
Rated Output 1 Volt RMS
Maximum Output 10 Volt
dimensions 18" W x 12.5" D x 4.5" H
weight 16 pounds (6.5 Kg)
shipping weight 22 lbs (9 Kg)

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€ 990,00