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Sbooster BOTW 9V

Beschrijving / Description

SBOOSTER BOTW MKII Regulated Linear Power Supply 9V 2.33A / 10V 1.25A / 10.5V 1.1A

With the SBooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII regulated linear power supply, purification of the electrical signal begins immediately where the polluted current enters the power supply. The two-stage mains filter and ground choke eliminate high-frequency electrical pollution before the current reaches the transformer. The audio-grade transformer is custom-built and electrostatically and magnetically shielded.

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Specificaties / Specifications

50% more output current.
Power saving design.
Substantial power for equipment requiring high currents.
High precision for the most noise-sensitive equipment.
3 switchable output voltages.
Standard input connector in IEC C14 format.
High-performance two-stage mains filter.
Earth line choke.
Overvoltage protection.
High-efficiency, audio quality custom transformer.
High-quality polypropylene film capacitors.
No noise SBooster split current system.
High quality PCB. 2oz. double-sided copper. Gold plating.
Efficient heat sink.
Internal wiring in silver-plated copper with PTFE insulation.
Transformer with high-frequency electrostatic and magnetic shielding.
Low ESR capacitors.
Jacketed and shielded DC output cable.
Custom gold-plated DC jack connectors.

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