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Sony SS-G7

Beschrijving / Description

A floor-type speaker system designed for natural sound field reproduction.

The PLUMB INLINE method is used to clarify the orientation of depth in addition to the orientation of right and left.
In this employs a unique layout in which the woofer is put forward based on a comprehensive judgment based on accumulated experiments on the shape, material and mounting position of the cone, thereby aligning the sound source position of each unit almost in a straight line.

In order to prevent the sound reflected on the baffle board from interfering with the direct sound, causing peaks and valleys at specific frequencies and sharp directional characteristics, we have adopted an Acoustic Grooved Board (AG). In the AG board, the longitudinal and lateral grooves have a diffuse effect that disperses reflected waves with high energy at specific frequencies, reducing interference with the direct sound and improving the sense of orientation.

In order to make the mid-range and tweeter as close as possible, they are integrated into a unit board, which improves the directional characteristics of the upper and lower directions.

A 38 cm cone type woofer with CARBOCON is installed in the low range.
By mixing and using carbon fibers in the natural pulp material in a well-balanced manner, Carbon Fiber RBOCON realizes high performance such as "high rigidity and reduced resonance sharpness". The shape of the cone is based on the bandwidth used. As a result of repeated hearing tests using the NASTRAN vibration analysis as a guide, the cone is a straight cone with a half angle of 60 . In addition, concentric rib-corrugation is applied to the cone.
In addition, in order to match the mechanical impedance between the cone paper and the edge and to prevent reflection at the edge, a special damping agent is applied on the Cross Edge. Since this damping agent is highly viscous, it is applied manually in several times to prevent uneven coating.
In addition, the magnetic circuit uses an Alnico V-cast magnet with excellent resolution in the middle and low frequency range and a pole made of FC material with less current distortion. In addition, a T-shaped pole is adopted so that the magnetic field becomes symmetrical with respect to the vibration direction, which improves linearity and current distortion in the middle frequency range.
Specially molded aluminum alloy is used for the frame.

The mid-range features a balanced drive 10 cm cone mid-range.
The balance drive system focuses on the position of the voice coil relative to the diaphragm and incorporates three concepts : "the completed moment of the speaker cone becomes equal on the inner and outer sides of the voice coil as seen from the voice coil, which is the driving force source," "the weight distribution inside and outside the voice coil becomes equal," and "the propagation time from the voice coil to the vibration end can be shortened."
A large ferrite magnet is used in the magnetic circuit to saturate the magnetic flux density near the gap to reduce current distortion. In addition, a T-shaped pole, which is the same as the woofer, is used in order to operate the voice coil with good linearity to ensure uniform magnetic flux distribution.

A 3.5 cm cone type tweeter with a balance drive system is installed in the high range.
The diaphragm is made of a deep drawn 20 " - thick titanium foil, and the magnetic circuit is made of an Alnico V cast magnet and a tube-type yoke with less flux leakage.

Copper wire with a diameter of 1.8 mm is used for the inductor for the woofer in the network section. It is enclosed in a special resin to suppress resonance. In addition, the core material is an oriented core with excellent distortion characteristics at large input power, and the capacitor is a metallized polyester film capacitor with low dielectric loss. These elements are placed at a sufficient distance on the epoxy board to prevent reciprocal induction.
A thick core material of 55 cores is used for the internal wiring, and each core is coated with urethane film to prevent impedance from increasing even in the high frequency range with low DC resistance.

The enclosure uses double-layer 30 mm thick hard glass wood particle board for the baffle board and 18 mm thick high-density particle board for the other surfaces. The diaphragm is distributed so that frequencies of specific plate vibrations do not overlap.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Floor Type
Unit For low band : 38 cm cone type
For Middle Range : 10 cm Balance Drive Type
For High Frequency : 3.5 cm Balance Drive Type
Playback frequency band 30 Hz to 20000 Hz
Output sound pressure level 94dB/W/m
Impedance 8 ohm
Rated maximum input 100W
Instantaneous maximum input 200W
Crossover frequency 550 Hz, 4500 Hz
Level control Medium Range : 0 dB - -4dB Continuously Variable
For High Frequency : 0 dB - -4dB Continuously Variable
External dimensions Width 510x Height 940x Depth 445 mm
Weight Approximately 48 kg

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