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Spectral DMA-180

Beschrijving / Description

The DMA-180 High Current Reference Amplifier is the first of a new generation of Spectral amplifiers. Like other milestone Spectral products, the DMA-180 is more than an uncompromising audio component of the first rank. It opens a new chapter in the continuing search for an ideal standard of musical reproduction.
For several years, the development paths followed by manufacturers of the most premium grade, solid state power amplifiers diverged. Some makers pursued the goal of higher and higher output current with almost single-minded determination. Their super high current designs grew impressively in size and weight, as well as in the operating temperatures they generated.

Spectral designed and built very powerful amplifiers as well, but with less emphasis on the current component of output power, and more emphasis on Spectral's traditional values: lightning fast responsiveness, ultra-wide stable bandwidth, and uncompromising linearity.

Clearly there are musical issues underlying these two divergent design philosophies.

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Specificaties / Specifications

DMA-180 Stereo Power Amplifier

Power Output:

@ 8 ohms - 200 Watts RMS
@ 4 ohms - 400 Watts RMS
@ 2 ohms - 683 Watts RMS

Output Current:

60 Amps peak per channel
Frequency Response:

+/-0.1 dB, DC-150 KHz
+/-1 dB, DC-1 MHz
+/-3 dB, DC-1.8 MHz

Less than 0.015% from DC to 100 KHz Typically 0.009% @ 200 WRMS/8 ohms
8 Tone Cluster Test 20 KHz @ 500 Hz separation; 0.01% 8 ohms; 0.015% 4 ohms

Rise Time:
Less than 400 nanoseconds
Settling: 1.5 microseconds to -40dB
Slew Rate: 600 volts/microsecond

Noise: Signal to Noise: 97dB unweighted, 107dB ASA A
Crosstalk: 98dB @ full power 8 ohms

Input: Impedence: 100K ohms in parallel with 100 pf
Sensitivity: 1.5 volts/nominal output

Power Supply: Line Voltage:

Maximum Consumption: 1600 Watts
Quiescent Consumption: 250 Watts

Operating Temp:
0 to 50 Celsius range; 32 to 122 Farenheit

Protection Features:
DC Protection Servo: 0.5 volt range
Current Limit Onset: 40 Amps
Thermal Protect Threshold: 85 Celsius, 185 Farenheit
AC Main Fuses:
2 @ 4A 3AG slo-blo, for 100 - 120 VAC,
2 @ 2A 3AG slo-blo, for 220 - 240 VAC
Fuse Status:
LED indicator (2)

Dimensions: 48cm (19")W x 17cm (6 1/4")H x 48cm (19")D
Weight: 60 lbs, 27.2 KG Net

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