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Spectral DMC-15

Beschrijving / Description

Since preamplifier performance is overwhelmingly important to realize the absolute best possible sonic results in quality music systems, the DMC-15 was developed to meet the very highest standards. Rather than employ more conventional design and circuitry for our more affordable preamplifier such as usually practiced by high-end designers, Spectral engineers have instead looked to the acclaimed DMC-30SL anniversary reference preamplifier for the essential design and topologies of the new DMC-15. More specifically, the DMC-15 has been directly derived from the exotic DMC-30SL layout and circuitry as a straight-line version of the reference preamp. The resulting DMC-15 is actually a single-ended version of the DMC-30SL with manual attenuation and controls. Not surprisingly, signal resolution and linearity are virtually without compromise in the DMC-15 since all amplification and layout architecture are shared with our top edge-of-the-art reference preamp design.
Honoring the Music

In the manner of all Spectral components, the DMC-15 presents a functional, elegant face to the world, one devoid of complication or undue decoration. Impressions of design simplicity and balance extend to the interior of the DMC-15 with its immaculate board layouts and instrumentation quality components. As straightforward and elemental as it might appear, the DMC-15 layout design is deceptively sophisticated requiring many development generations and hundreds of painstaking tuning hours to arrive at ultimate sonics and circuit refinement. Few audio products are destined to receive the level of close scrutiny and circuit detailing lavished on the DMC-15 during its development period.

To achieve this ultimate circuit performance, Spectral engineers employ our exclusive micro-detailing design techniques. Micro-detailing analysis looks deep into circuit behavior, selecting best possible layout and tuning combinations to reduce subtle noise and distortion phenomenon in complex signal material. Sensitive circuit characteristics such as minimizing energy storage for rapid signal extinction are rigorously pursued. Over the years we have found these critical circuit details are essential for the most neutral and transparent sonic behavior. The ultimate preamplifier, after all, must be an accurate reproducer and not a musical instrument in its own right, no matter how seductive it might tend to make a certain recording sound.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Inputs Analog : 5 x Unbalanced Cinch
Outputs : 1 x Unbalanced Cinch
Weight : 10 Kg Netto, 15Kg Shipping
Finish : Silver

Staat van artikel

€ 2.290,00