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Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ Signature

Beschrijving / Description

There is no question that the biggest strong point of the Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ Signature is its diminutive size when compared to its beefy audio output.
The Sunfire Signature EQ is more musical than you might expect and when used in pairs can sound even smoother in a room.
The room correction software really adds value to the product over past offerings. Velodyne has it. Revel has it. Sunfire now has it, thankfully.
I like the addition of a rosewood veneer to the lineup, as black subwoofers are so cliché.

The key to all of Bob Carver's subwoofer designs is his amazing tracking downcoverter amp that can coolly and cleanly (and reportedly) output peaks of 2700 watts of power, driving the living snot out of a 10-inch driver to levels that top 116 dB. Take it from me: that is really loud. While the woofer doesn't go a low as the gigantic woofers on the market, its 30 Hertz performance is pretty deep, considering just how loud it will play.

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Specificaties / Specifications

2,700 watt, high efficiency amplifier
High gloss, dark rosewood finish (also referred to as Deep Bing Cherry Lac- quer)
Automatic Room Equalization mode
Measurement Microphone included Very low distortion
Long throw, premium quality drivers
Stunning output from a small cube!
Automatic signal-sensing turn-on and standby mode
12 VDC trigger input for remote turn-on
Balanced XLR input
Line level unbalanced inputs
Speaker level binding post inputs
Line level high-pass outputs
Continuously variable phase control
Continuously variable crossover fre- quency adjustment, 35 to 100 Hz
Continuously variable volume level control
Soft clipping circuit allows graceful overload and prevents speaker damage due to clipping
Gold-plated inputs and outputs.

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€ 890,00