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Technics SL-1025

Beschrijving / Description

Technics SL-1025 Quarz Synthesizer Direct Drive High End Professional Turntable.
Quartz synthesizer direct drive turntable system with universal type system tone arm.

Universal type system tone arm EPA-250 is used for the pickup.
Uses dynamic damping system, gimbal suspension support structure, and precision helicoid arm height adjustment mechanism.

SP-25 is adopted for the turntable.
Continuous pitch control is possible within the range of rated speed 6% with the quartz lock on.

The motor is equipped with a high torque integrated structure D. D. motor.

SH-15B2 is used for the turntable base.
In addition to the use of an integrally molded cabinet made of special viscoelastic rubber, the turntable is also made into a three layer dead-end structure made of special rubber.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Type Direct drive player system
Drive system Direct drive
Drive motor Brushless DC motor
Control system Quartz phase locked control
Turntable (Including Rubber Sheet) 33.9 cm Aluminum Die-cast, 1.85 kg (Including Rubber Sheet)
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Fine adjustment of rotational speed + / - 6 per cent
Rotational speed deviation Within +/- 0.002%
Wow flutter 0.025%W.R.M.S(JIS C5521)
Signal-to-noise ratio 78dB(IEC98A weighted)
Tone Arm Section
Format Dynamic damping system tone arm
Gimbal suspension system
Applicable Cartridge Weight 6g - 8g
10.5g - 12.5g (When Using Auxiliary Weight)
Applicable Cartridge Compliance
(dynamic, 100 Hz) 8-14x10-6cm/dyne
6-12x10-6Cm / dyne (with auxiliary weights)
External dimensions Width 526x Height 172x Depth 420 mm
Weight 16.1kg

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