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Thiel CS 3.6

Beschrijving / Description

The three-way CS3.6 uses a 10" woofer, a 4.5" midrange, and a 1" metal-dome tweeter.
A 10" passive bass radiator extends the CS3.6's LF range, replacing the sealed-box loading of its predecessor, the CS3.5.
(Unlike the 3.5, no LF equalization is used.)
As with all Thiel loudspeakers, the crossover is a true acoustic first-order (6dB/octave) type.
A black grille covers the drivers and curved baffle; the cabinet is available in a variety of wood veneers.
A single pair of five-way binding posts on the loudspeaker's bottom panel provides signal connection.
Thiel believes that bi-wiring can cause detrimental interaction between the cable and loudspeaker, and therefore offers only a single input.

All the drivers in the CS3.6 were designed by Jim Thiel and built to his specifications by Vifa in Denmark.
The metal-dome tweeter, the same unit used in the CS5, features a long excursion (+/-1.5mm) and has a high resonant frequency (27kHz).
This driver is crossed over at 3kHz to the 4.5" midrange driver, which features a unique design that is the subject of a patent application.
The midrange's diaphragm is constructed of two cones of different shapes.
The outer diaphragm has a greater flare, creating a pocket of air between it and the inner diaphragm.
This structure is said to be stronger than a single diaphragm of the same weight.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Thiel CS3.6: Three-way, passive radiator-loaded (reflex), floorstanding loudspeaker.
Driver complement: 10" woofer, 10" passive radiator, 4.5" cone midrange, 1" metal-dome tweeter.
Crossover frequencies: 500Hz, 3kHz. Crossover slopes: first-order (6dB/octave).
Time response: 150us, -20dB. Amplitude response: 27Hz-22kHz +/-3dB, 29Hz-20kHz +/-1.5dB.
Phase response: minimum +/-10 degrees.
Sensitivity: 86dB/W/m (2.8V).
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms (2.5 ohms minimum).
Recommended amplifier power: 100-500W.
Dimensions: 12.5" W by 48.5" H by 17" D.
Weight: 107 lbs each.

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