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Thorens TD-125 MK II

Beschrijving / Description

For some of us, it's the Rodney Dangerfield of the Thorens family of turntables. The barely-remembered TD 125 Mk II, though cherished when it was current, rarely figures in audiophile reminiscences, heated bar debates or lists of all-time greats.

As for its basic construction, the TD 125 employed a cast aluminium top section that supported the main bearing, platter, and armboard. The motor, the electronics, and the lamp to illuminate the strobe were fitted to a pressed steel panel that formed part of the plinth. Rubber washers ensured no metal-to-metal contact. The TD 125 was visibly distinguished from the TD 150 not merely by larger size, but by the aluminium strip that ran across its front, containing the rectangular controls, with a black main top surface, in contrast to the TD 150's predominantly metal top plate.

As for the suspension, it consisted of three conical springs in adjustable cups. For disco use yes, over 40 years ago the TD 125 could be converted with rubber damping spheres in place of the floppier springs. A properly set-up TD 125 is fairly floppy, but not comically so, but the added rigidity for club use was advisable.

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Specificaties / Specifications

Include SME arm
Audio Technica OC-9 element

Staat van artikel

€ 1.639,00
Include SME arm and
Audio Technica OC-9 NEW element