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Transparent Musicwave Super XL 2x2.4m

Beschrijving / Description

Super's large network module contains a precisely-organized array of select components. We build these cables slowly, by hand, and confirm our work as we go, on precision measurement devices, to be sure each cable adheres exactly to the design spec. Compared to MusicWave Plus, MusicWave Super extends performance at the frequency extremes because of its network technology and current carrying capability. As you go up the scale of performance within Transparent's range, each increase in level means higher quality parts, more exacting placement of the components in the network, and more testing during assembly. As a result, MusicWave Super has heftier cable construction and networks that transfer bass frequencies more accurately and reject more noise than MusicWave Plus. MusicWave Super is available in banana.

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Specificaties / Specifications

8ft = 2x2.45m

Staat van artikel

€ 890,00