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Unison Research S6 mkII

Beschrijving / Description

Regardless of the flavor you choose, amplifiers built around the EL34 tube rarely disappoint when it comes to midrange magic and the Unison Research S6 is no slouch, yet it offers so much more.

Rather than a traditional push-pull configuration, the S6 employs three EL34 tubes per side, in parallel, driven in single-ended, Class-A triode mode. Mixing it up even further, the S6 features a combination of auto bias and adjustable bias, fine-tuning the operating point of the output tubes to perfection. With a pair of stylish meters and front panel adjustability, no tools are needed meaning no tools to lose or misplace before a listening session. It's wise to keep an eye on bias when your S6 is brand new, checking every few days. After about a month, the tubes settle in and a casual check now and then will suffice.

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Specificaties / Specifications

2x12 Watt
Single-ended klasse A
2 x ECC82, 2 x EL34
26 cm x 19cm x 35 cm (BxDxH)
Gewicht: 15 kg

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