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Van den Hul 3T The Hill Hybrid

Beschrijving / Description

3T The Hill Hybrid is another step up from our The Rock, with its two solid 500-micron Linear Structured Carbon covered 3T conductors.

To reduce the capacitive load between the two centre conductors and the screen, the dimension of the 3T The Hill Hybrid is enlarged compared to the 3T The Rock Hybrid.

The 2 centre conductors consist of each a single 500-micron 3T conductor coated with a L.S.C. layer to improve the sonic quality further. The shielding against spurious signals is made of 2 layers of heavy silver-coated multiple copper strands and 1 extra layer of L.S.C in between.

The 3T The Hill Hybrid has a remarkably spacious and clean sound character without any noticeable distortion.

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Specificaties / Specifications

1 Mtr. RCA-RCA

Staat van artikel

€ 449,00